Beginning Korean Resources

October 31, 2023

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Here are some resources that I have found helpful in learning Korean. None of the links are affiliate links; if I put a resource here I simply believe in the product. Pimsleur I find the most value in the audio tapes, rather than the supplimental materials. If you are getting this for a single person then the best deal is here. This version costs $15/month. However, if you and another person want to learn different langugages, you can share a subscription between 4 unique users, in which case their “All Access” subscription is the best deal, at $21/month. ...

Writing Emails

September 27, 2023

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Recently, I began meeting with one of the math professors in my department for an informal language exchange. I noticed something about writing: The spacing for 씨 as a term of address seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes it looks like “니콜라스 씨” and other times “니콜라스씨”. According to my Korean professor, the correct usage is with space (i.e. “니콜라스 씨”), but usage is not consistent with all Korean speakers. An equivalent of “Best, Nicholas” as a sign-off is “니콜라스 드림”

New Korean Words

September 14, 2023

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I think it may be beneficial for me to compile a list of words and things that I learn about the language. It will likely be unorganized, and that’s okay. For now I just want to put it somewhere and here looks like a fun place. Korean Word Meaning Eg. Sentence Sentence Translation 자다 to sleep 저는 잤어요. I fell asleep. 주무다 to sleep (hon.) 아버지, 언녕히 주무세요. Sleep well, father. ...