Beginning Korean Resources

October 31, 2023

Tags: Korean

Here are some resources that I have found helpful in learning Korean. None of the links are affiliate links; if I put a resource here I simply believe in the product.


I find the most value in the audio tapes, rather than the supplimental materials. If you are getting this for a single person then the best deal is here. This version costs $15/month.

However, if you and another person want to learn different langugages, you can share a subscription between 4 unique users, in which case their “All Access” subscription is the best deal, at $21/month.

Anytime Korean

This is the textbook that my Korean professor uses in-class (he is also one of the co-authors). There is both the book series and the interactive aspect on the website. Each chapter of the book is designed around a single “Sample Conversation” – the idea being that the grammar is a natural byproduct of learning to express certain ideas. The website is where you can find the audio files for the book, as well as perform the speaking exercises. An AI algorithm has been trained to give feedback; it isn’t perfect, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

If your professor uses this textbook, you can add them as an instructor to your account. This allows them to listen to and grade your speaking exercises.

Youtube Channels

Learn Korean in Korean

This youtube channel has really nice short stories, and for each speaker, it provides both a male speaker and a female speaker, as well as two different speech styles (for a total of 4 repititions of the story).

Professor Yoon’s Korean Language Class

This is an univeristy Korean professor that makes more class-centric content (as well as some YouTube shorts with mixed content).

Both of these channels come from native Korean professors.